Secrets of Successful Video Marketing

Video Marketing

If a photo’s worth a thousand words, then how much more valuable is video? That’s the basis of video marketing, a forward-facing marketing strategy that integrates engaging video into your marketing campaigns.

Use it across your entire marketing plan, from attracting customers, to promoting your brand, products or services. Video marketing can also be used to present how-tos, customer testimonials, and live-stream events.

Here are 6 steps to developing your video marketing strategy.

Allocate resources – Assign a budget for your video –equipment and decent editing software cost, as well as time to create it.

Centre around your story – Storytelling in video is the number one priority. So think about what stories do you want to tell and how will you tell them? Then outline your content and goals for each video – your video needs to have plan and strategy behind it as ultimately, you are trying to sell and engage.

Engage – It’s simply not enough to tell your stories, you must engage with your audience too. What will hook your audience and keep them interested?

Keep it short – There are many recommendations out there for helping you decide how long your video should be, but the general rule is that shorter is better. Remember to be ruthless with your editing and cut out everything you think you can afford to lose. Think micro-moments – intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped.

Get it out there – Publish your videos far and wide – embedded in your website, on YouTube, facebook, and on your other social media channels. Then, promote, promote and promote some more. Remember to tag it up – ensure that your videos are tagged with relevant keywords and fully explained with fleshed out descriptions and unique titles.

Analyse – Just because you are published, doesn’t mean that’s it. You need to track metrics and analyse your stats and determine which videos do the best – and why. Determine what metrics will best determine a video’s success. Then, test and tweak your where necessary.

So SVM can help you connect with your audience – it is the bridge that links what you say, to who you are as a brand. It also helps build your backlinks profile, boosts likes and shares and drives traffic to your site. In 2017 video marketing will accounted for 69% of all consumer traffic, mobile video ads will grew 5 times faster than desktop and landing pages with videos led to 800% more conversion. So get filming!


January 24, 2018