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7th Jul

Having The Best Engine Doesn’t Make Them The Fastest On The Race Track

To be consistently competitive in a motor race you must have one of (if not the) best engines. Having a book, becoming...Read More

1st Jul

How To Plan A Paid Social Media Campaign

GlobalWebIndex recently reported that 93% of internet users have at least one social media account – here lies a wonderful...Read More

25th Jun

7 Techniques For Writing Compelling Email Copy

No matter how fancy your marketing emails look, if they are lacking of well-written content, your subscribers will stop opening,...Read More

18th Jun

The Art of Storytelling In Content Marketing

Storytelling is an ancient art and its principals are used across many domains, yet in marketing and communication in business...Read More

12th Jun

How You Continue To Use Your Bought-In Mailing Lists After GDPR

If you buy business email lists, you can be forgiven for thinking that you can no longer use them after Friday...Read More

11th Jun

The Rise of Visual Search (SEO)

The human brain is hardwired to excel at visual selection – neurons devoted to visual processing take up to 30%...Read More

5th Jun

The Biggest Internet Trends to Watch

Every May, Mary Meeker presents her highly anticipated 300+ slideshow presentation at the annual Code Conference in Silicon valley where...Read More

27th May

SEO Meta Descriptions – What You Need To Know

What are meta descriptions? A meta description is a snippet of up to about 155 characters – a tag in HTML...Read More

21st May

Fake Reviews – All You Need To Know

Fake reviews are a growing problem for small businesses. In the online world, it's very easy to create a new...Read More

15th May

Re-Position Your Brand As A Leading Knowledge Centre

Have you considered that through clever content marketing, you can transform your brand into a leading informational expert?  By correctly...Read More

12th May

How To Rank In Google – A 101 Guide

A whopping 97% of people don’t click past the first page of search results. So if you’re not getting to the...Read More

30th Apr

Influencers: Who Are They And What Do They Do?

In my last blog, on digital marketing for startups, I mentioned Influencers and how important they are. So this time...Read More

28th Apr

Getting Started With Reddit

Have ever used Reddit? The website has earned it’s name by creating a platform that allows users with similar interests...Read More

26th Apr

Digital Marketing for Startups

New research has shown that the average UK startup owner is only spending approximately 90 minutes per week on their...Read More

20th Apr

Bing Ads vs. Google Adwords

Bing, Microsoft’s web search engine, is the UK’s second-largest search engine and yet it remains underused and has struggled to...Read More

11th Apr

Just Push It! Effective Push Notification Marketing

A push notification is a message that pops up on your mobile device. App creators can send them at any...Read More

5th Apr

Keep it Clean! The Importance of Email Marketing List Hygiene

Your email database is foundation of your whole email marketing strategy. And if you email bounce-rate is larger than 3-5%,...Read More

29th Mar

Linkedin for Business: Making the Most of Your Company Page

Whilst most of the focus over the last few years for social media marketers has been on Facebook, Instagram and...Read More

17th Mar

Email Marketing Benchmark Report – Key Learning

Yes Lifecycle Marketing have launched their annual benchmark report of email marketing – they analysed 30 billion emails sent in...Read More

11th Mar

How to Get Started With Facebook Ads

Understanding and using Facebook Ads has become a core part of a successful online marketing campaigns, and paid advertising on...Read More

6th Mar

Killer Tips for Writing Email Marketing Copy

When it comes to email marketing campaigns, copywriting is one of the biggest determinants of whether a campaign succeeds or...Read More

3rd Mar

GDPR = Got Desperate People Rich(er)

Is your business GDPR compliant? It’s a question business owners and marketers have heard far too much in recent months; and...Read More

26th Feb

Mobile Marketing: Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore It

The average e-commerce conversion rates for a mobile device are up 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rates and...Read More

18th Feb

Fundamentals in Building Your B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B (Business to business) marketing strategies are often described in terms of direct and outbound techniques – messages that you...Read More

2nd Feb

Emerging Trends to Help Your 2018 Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be an important communications channel yet competition in the inbox for attention remains fierce. As a brand,...Read More

24th Jan

Secrets of Successful Video Marketing

If a photo’s worth a thousand words, then how much more valuable is video? That’s the basis of video marketing,...Read More

18th Jan

More Ways to Sell on Social Media

The social selling landscape has changed. Instead of setting up a profile on a social network and hoping to get...Read More

4th Jan

Basic Principles of Google Adwords

Google AdWords is Google’s own advertising service which allows you to place search results for your website on a search...Read More

23rd Dec

The Strategic Importance of Content Marketing

Traditional marketing is becoming less effective by the minute and as a forward-thinking business owner, you know there has to...Read More

15th Dec

These SEO Trends Improve Google Rankings

Looking at new trends in SEO optimisation A few years ago to get to the top of Google it was merely...Read More


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