Email Marketing

27th Nov

50 Best Strategies For Lead Generation

We create content and plan campaigns, analysing metrics such as impressions, likes, and a click-throughs and often forget about the...Read More

7th Nov

GDPR – Did All The Fuss Screw Your Business?

Those GDPR emails you got... all for nothing! Or the GDPR emails you sent to get re-consent – which maybe you...Read More

23rd Aug

The Importance Growing An Email List With Engaged Subscribers

Back in the day, the key role for marketers was to grow large lists – in theory, the bigger the...Read More

5th Aug

Effective Use Of Abandonment Emails in eCommerce

Recent research shows that nearly 74% of retail shoppers will abandon a purchase after adding an item to their online...Read More

25th Jun

7 Techniques For Writing Compelling Email Copy

No matter how fancy your marketing emails look, if they are lacking of well-written content, your subscribers will stop opening,...Read More

12th Jun

How You Continue To Use Your Bought-In Mailing Lists After GDPR

If you buy business email lists, you can be forgiven for thinking that you can no longer use them after Friday...Read More

5th Apr

Keep it Clean! The Importance of Email Marketing List Hygiene

Your email database is foundation of your whole email marketing strategy. And if you email bounce-rate is larger than 3-5%,...Read More

17th Mar

Email Marketing Benchmark Report – Key Learning

Yes Lifecycle Marketing have launched their annual benchmark report of email marketing – they analysed 30 billion emails sent in...Read More

6th Mar

Killer Tips for Writing Email Marketing Copy

When it comes to email marketing campaigns, copywriting is one of the biggest determinants of whether a campaign succeeds or...Read More

2nd Feb

Emerging Trends to Help Your Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be an important communications channel yet competition in the inbox for attention remains fierce. As a brand,...Read More


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