Facebook Business Pages: Are You Missing a Trick?


It may be something you created a while back, but how much time are you devoting to your Facebook business page? If you don’t regularly review it, you may be missing a valuable way to grow your business.

Having a Facebook business strategy will enable you to boost sales, engage with customers or simply build awareness of your brand. Remember, the key principle—Facebook is less about marketing and sales and more about relationships and conversations. So by using these tips below you should be able to come up with plenty of ideas for content that builds a growing and enthusiastic group of followers.

  1. Offer value

Build your credibility as a useful resource page by combining a mix of content about your business (product tips, events, coming-soon info) with third-party content, such as links to industry blogs and forums. Avoid lengthy, rambling posts – keep them short and sweet, generally between 100-250 characters to build on likes, shares and comments.

  1. Be clever with your images

Instead of posting stand-alone photos of your services, show them being used by happy, satisfied customers. And remember to make it easy for users to add, tag and share images, wherever they use your product or service.

  1. Focus on engagement

Try asking questions and offering polls that invite a response and get users involved. At the end of a post, remember to invite fans to comment, like or share. And remember to respond and keep the conversation going with comments of your own. Mix up content between posts, videos, photos, contests to keep things lively and unexpected!

  1. Connect like a friend, not a business

Facebook is about the personal experience, not a promotional outlet. Post news and updates in a simple, informal and fun way and avoid press release and pure marketing content.

December 1, 2017