How to Get Started With Facebook Ads

Online Marketing

Understanding and using Facebook Ads has become a core part of a successful online marketing campaigns, and paid advertising on Facebook seems to be one of the most immediate ways to get your posts seen with impact.

What do you get in return for your spend?

To give a little context into what is achievable with Facebook Ads, here’s what a budget of £3.50 per day could get you:

Page likes – 9 likes per day

Clicks to homepage – 1 per day

Boosted post – 787 new people reached

How do you get started?

Set goals – Think about why you are advertising and what your goals are – by doing this you’ll have something tangent to measure your campaign results against. Examples may be

Increase traffic to my website from Facebook

Generate new leads

Increase attendance to your event

Create engagement on your Facebook page

Launch the Facebook Ads Managers tool and click the ‘Create an Ad’ button in the top right corner.

Choose your objective – Here you will see 15 options you might want to achieve for your campaign. They fall into 3 general categories:

Awareness: such as generating interest in your product or service such as boosting your posts, promoting your page or reaching out locally

Consideration: getting people to think about your business such as downloading your app or increasing video views

Conversion: encouraging people to purchase or use your product or service such as increasing conversions on your website or getting people to claim an offer

Research shows that for a small budget campaign choosing objectives in the awareness category give   best value for money.

Define your audience – This allows you to customise your audience based on demographics (such as location, age, gender and interests) and is crucial for a successful campaign. Once you’ve chosen your demographics, Facebook ads will give you an estimated daily reach – the number of people you could expect to reach on any given day.

Set your budget – Choose how much you’d like to spend, either a daily budget or a lifetime for the whole of the campaign.

Create your ad! – This is your opportunity to be inspired and original – use images or video in carousels or slideshows, bold headlines, immersive copy in the body. There are templates to use in the dashboard or you can go ahead in start from scratch. Remember you want your images and copy to be enticing enough for people to click.

Choose your placements – Advert placement defines where your ad will be shown – in Facebook’s mobile News Feed, desktop News Fee and on Instagram. They recommend using the default placements from the objectives you chose earlier. For example to increase your brand awareness they recommend Facebook and Instagram.

Place your order – Once your ad is submitted, it will be reviewed by Facebook before it goes live.

Finally, remember that go-live isn’t the end of your campaign. You now need to monitor and analyse your results and tweak where necessary to truly optimise your campaign.

March 11, 2018