Using Microsoft SharePoint for B2B Marketing

Microsoft SharePoint for B2B marketing

If you are unfamiliar with SharePoint and how it can benefit your small business, you are not alone. Here we’ll look at how Microsoft SharePoint can empower your organisation through using enterprise class business resources for your B2B marketing.

SharePoint is a content management system suite from Microsoft which has comprehensive tools that can assist you in your marketing efforts. These tools provide for end-to-end marketing strategy right from customer analysis, demographic behaviour analysis to targeted marketing communication and effectiveness tracking.

The Basics

SharePoint is such a versatile platform that can be used for many different business activities so it is very difficult to define. Fundamentally, Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document/data management software solution that’s designed to connect all of your employees and business resources together. SharePoint allows everyone to collaborate and synchronise daily business tasks and responsibilities from a centralised software platform. SharePoint is accessed from either your web browser or the Microsoft SharePoint mobile app. SharePoint online is installed and managed on a hosted server, known as the cloud and is included in the Microsoft Office 365 business packages. The costs are also scalable – you only pay for what you use.  The solutions and functions are both flexible and scalable so you can scale up or down at a moment’s notice without having any upfront IT costs.


SharePoint Online is actually more secure and cost effective than an on premise solution, especially for small business users. It is hosted from Microsoft’s datacentre which are required to meet security and compliance requirements and certifications. Comprehensive data protection services are included in your SharePoint Online subscription to prevent data loss.  Data protection includes regular backups and redundancy with a copy of data stored in different locations.

B2B marketing tools

SharePoint is powerful software that comes with a huge variety of features on offer. So are here are some of the best features available in the marketing suite:

Web Analytics Dashboard: Before you can make any sort of categorisation of customers, it is important to see what your existing customer profile looks like. The Web Analytics dashboard on SharePoint gives you real time analytics along with the ability to track custom events, paths and alerts. This helps you with building your customer profile and you can use the data export feature to perform further analysis through a spreadsheet program like Excel.

Campaign Tracker: If you are marketing campaign, the SharePoint Marketing Suite lets you track campaigns and analyse advertising effectiveness through the use of goals and funnels, similar to Google Analytics.

On-Page Optimisation: To understand which marketing communication works the best and which pricing bands bring you the most targeted leads try using the optimisation tools. These include services for multi-variate testing and behavioural targeting that your marketing team can use to create the strongest marketing messages.

Voice of Customer: Customer feedback and surveys are a crucial part of any marketing process. The SharePoint marketing suite includes tools that facilitate the implementation of customer feedback surveys and polls that you could use for future marketing changes.

Message Bars: The marketing suite gives the users an ability to display custom messages and links on banners on the top of the portal page. You can use these to make announcements instead of asking the web admin to make these changes every time.

Website Insights: Has your website seen an unusual dip in traffic or have visitors started bouncing more? SharePoint has the capability to automatically detect unusual changes in the usage pattern and provides instant notifications to the marketing team. It’s extremely useful to monitor usage pattern changes and ensure they do not impact the results of your marketing campaign.

CRM Plugin Integration: One of the most useful features of SharePoint that is not readily available with other competing platforms is the ability to integrate readily with your CRM tools and third party plugins. This gives you the ability to channel your analytics data into meaningful leads that you can readily engage with using the CRM platform.

SEO Monitoring: Monitoring SEO is tough work given that most of the changes are done in the back-end using scripts like HTML or PHP. SharePoint detects SEO coding errors as well as monitors page speed, website accessibility that help you ensure that your website is healthy from a search engine perspective.

Content Management: An employee intranet that offers improved content management and publishing with ease. With simple online collaboration tools, you’ll have better approval mechanism for your content while storing your digital assets into one place on a cloud-based server. This will allow your marketing team members to collaborate with vendors and customers simply and effectively.

November 26, 2018