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Is your PPC campaign wasting money?

A poorly configured PPC campaign can be wasteful and costly. Take the guesswork out of PPC by working with our PPC experts. We major in Google AdWords and Bing Ads, but also specialise in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Ads to use the platforms that are most relevant to your business. We can help you evaluate your current marketing and strategise the most effective online marketing plan for you.

Text adverts

Text adverts are the most popular form of paid advertising, seen almost every time you use a search engine. Text ads use keywords to find people who are actively searching for your products and services, and directs them to your chosen landing page.

Display adverts

Think of display adverts as the billboards of digital marketing. Display advertising allows you to bid on placements across billions of websites based on relevant content, display keywords or topicality. Display adverts reach 92% of internet users, as they are flexible in location, size, and content. They can even use remarketing to target your previous visitors to capitalise on missed opportunities, offering a unique marketing opportunity to offer discounts to tempt users back, or suggest products or services that they may find useful.

Shopping Adverts

Used by online retailers with ecommerce capability, Google Shopping adverts gives your products visibility by directly showing products, prices, reviews and offers. With a focus on individual products, Google Shopping is perfect for online sellers who hope to reach a wider audience.

Detailed statistics and reporting

With detailed, clear analytics, you can see exactly how well your PPC advertising is performing. Using your key demographics, click through rates, and conversion rates to effectively build your marketing campaigns based on the best return on Ad spend.

We offer a free, no obligation PPC health check. Find out how you can improve your PPC strategy by contacting us using the form on this page.


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