"Work With Me... If you're like most of my clients, you're probably one of the best at what you do, but aren't getting the online sales, leads or signups your business needs. On this page you'll find testimonials from clients who share their experiences and results from working with me and my team."

– Lee Gilbert, Digital Marketing Strategist

"Over 18 years ago, before I met Lee, the vast majority of the sales of my businesses were coming from offline activities (direct mail, direct sales, exhibitions, telesales etc.) now the vast majority of all our sales start with an Internet based ‘connection with the client’ in some form or other. Will I ever get to know what Lee knows about the web? I doubt it. If you need to know and understand the power of the ‘right’ strategy or just avoid the common mistakes so many people are unwittingly making. Then... You’re in the right place at the right time with the right man! I wish you even more success than he’s created for me."

– Peter Thomson, Peter Thomson International

"Lee Gilbert persuaded me to hire his services only minutes after being introduced to him. It has been fantastic working together. Besides his sociable and assertive style, he generally knows better. Such a tip goldmine. Lee's influence and his team's support have been instrumental to turnaround our e-commerce and both our visibility and traffic on the web."

– Cedric Moulin, Retail & Strategy Director

"Lee's knowledge of the digital landscape and how to position your business online is excellent. I've been working with him for a little while now and found him to be hugely knowledgable, always approachable and exactly the person I need in my corner to help grow my online business. In short, if you're looking to raise the digital profile of your business, Lee is the person to get in touch with. Highly recommended!"

– Simon Gray, Managing Director, Career Codex

"Lee has been very proactive in assisting with all areas of our digital marketing. He’s always more than willing to go beyond the agreed arrangements if he feels it is beneficial to our business. Very knowledgeable and attentive, I would recommend Lee to anyone looking for someone to help them kick-off or developing an existing online marketing strategy."

– Mark Purdy, Marketing & Ecommerce Director, Vivobarefoot

"Lee came highly recommended and within 20 minutes of meeting him I knew we were going to hire him to run our marketing campaigns. Since then, he has helped us generate a steady stream of leads in a tough market sector something we didn’t think was possible. I have no hesitation in recommending Lee, just not to my competition! Buy him a coffee and give him 20 minutes, you’ll see what I mean."

– Rob Lipscombe, Partner, Advanced Talent Strategies

"Great, no nonsense SEO. Very clear and concise and most importantly gets results."

– Pierre Mayer, Managing Director, Nordic Balance at the In and Out

"Excellent service - Lee provides all the help and guidance you will ever need for amping your digital marketing strategy ... if you are reading these reviews then stop reading and start engaging Lee and his team."

– Tim Knight, Chief Marketing Officer, CloudApps

"Having attended Lee Gilbert's digital marketing course, for a whole day, I can confirm that his delivery of essential tools, tips and strategies, was exemplary. There is no doubt that Lee is a consummate expert and speaker, and is certainly the 'go-to' professional for digital marketing."

– Carole Spiers

"A real expert! Lee really does know digital marketing inside out and back to front."

– Michael Brook, Owner, MyExpertiseOnline

"Many people claim to be experts in their chosen field, but few are. Lee Gilbert is definitely the leading Internet Marketing Consultant in the UK and he really knows how to help people make money. I first listened to him speak at a conference and apart from being a very good and knowledgeable speaker, he is also a master of his art. Before I met Lee I thought I knew what I needed to grow my business but since working with him I have been attracting leads on a daily basis, building my database with quality contributions and growing new revenue streams."

– Steve Mills, Director, The Prudent Marketing Company

"First class advice"

– Bob Stebbings, Managing Partner, Bespoke Accountants

"There is a truth now in marketing that 70% of the buying decisions are made before people talk to the sales person. On the campaign Lee designed for me, the first contact I had with them was when they had booked on the course... This man's team provide all the work you need to grow your business."

– Ernie Boxall, Owner, Ernie SAID

"Great working with a successful internet marketer who uses bespoke approaches with his clients tailored to their strengths, product and target audience."

– Paul Harrison, Owner, Mobivation

"Excellent service - Lee provides all the help and guidance you will ever need for your digital marketing strategy"

– Gill Smith, Director, The Business Kitchen

"Lee is the doyen of digital marketing!"

– Nick Horton, Director, ProfitBox

"Great practical knowledge and massive experience of real-life digital marketing."

– Clive Hook, Programme Director, Clearworth

"I've known and followed Lee for many years and now I'm working with him directly I know he is always bang up to date, which means we can put stuff into action before most people have even heard of the tactic, let alone caught up. Despite this he doesn't blind me with lots of techie stuff that goes over my head, so at least I can keep pace with what's happening, whats working and why... So we can do more of it!"

– Caroline Cooper, Director, Naturally Loyal

"Great value, hugely knowledgeable and results-driven... a top bloke too!"

– Andrew Whitaker, Director, EnrichYou

"Totally knows his stuff!! Lee makes use of the very latest in digital marketing techniques - before most others have even heard of it!"

– Jagjivan Matharu, The Home of Benefits Management

"It's rare to find someone in any field, and especially in the internet field, that sticks to their word and has as much integrity as Lee and his team. His depth of knowledge both of the technical side of the business (the techie internet stuff) and the marketing are outstanding. His is the ONLY person I have worked with that has completed things when he said they would be completed. I have a high level of trust for him and know that when I communicate with him, I'm being understood. This allows me to focus on the things that I'm good at in my business and create true value for my customers. I couldn't imagine working with anyone else in this arena."

– Russell James, The Raw Chef

"Lee is a real expert in using the web for marketing. Not only does he know his stuff, he implements it without a huge drama. Lee applies marketing knowledge with flair; full of different ideas, testing, gathering data and improving actions depending on the results. The trouble is, most people claiming to offer what Lee provides are all talk and not much action. Lee is the opposite. I wish I'd started working with him when I first met him."

– Graham Speechley, Director, Business Leaders Group

"I’ve work closely with Lee on a number of projects, he’s a great presenter and possesses a rare talent of explaining the website conversion process in a way which both technical and non-technical clients can easily understand. If your website is not converting as well as you would like, hire him and make him your 'go to man'- it's as simple as that."

– Pete Bennett, Managing Director, London Translations

"An excellent, results driven service and highly recommended. I have now transferred numerous campaigns over for Lee to handle and improve. Highly knowledgeable and I look forward to a long mutual beneficial partnership."

– Kevin Thompson, Managing Director, The Removal Team

"Lee Gilbert’s clear thinking, strategic vision and down to earth approach has mended our biggest challenge - a leaky funnel! Lee’s not only an expert in driving traffic to your site but also in how to make a website into a sales machine. He is indeed a webmaster!"

– Wendy Shand, Director, Tots to Travel

"I have worked with Lee for 3 years and his advice and guidance has taken us to new levels of operation way beyond where we were previously. His knowledge of internet marketing is excellent and he is able to bring together all the strings of an internet marketing campaign effortlessly and to great effect. He is so much more than most providers operating in the area of web presence. He completely lives up to his strapline "The Serious Players' Webmaster". If you are serious then you MUST consult Lee. Lee delivers whilst others often just threaten to."

– Mike Withey, Director

"Lee comes highly recommended with great credentials and so far has lived up to all expectations. He has an excellent knowledge of the concept I wanted and understood our requirements well. I can't wait to work with him again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and his team to friends and colleagues."

– Dr Elizabeth White, Director, The Therapy Centre

"I'm working with Lee on a 6 month digital marketing project to grow Axia Value Solutions and develop awareness of our services. I find Lee to be highly knowledgeable, approachable and a great support. He has the ability to make things around digital media sound both interesting and understandable - something that seems a rare characteristic! I would definitely recommend anyone with aspirations of online success to get in touch."

– Mike Wilkinson, Director, Axia Value Solutions

"Lee is an expert in Internet Marketing, for years I have been searching for someone who understands this area and can deliver it in a language I can understand. He gets great Results and is on the top of his game. I would have no hesitation in recommending him, he is now working with other business / friends, who feel the same way. Lee will take your business to the top level, he is a class act, his company are making a difference to my business."

– Bernie De Souza

"I have just spent an enlightening weekend with Lee (in the business sense of course) on developing and implementing his successful marketing strategies and how you fully maximise internet marketing and your web presence. There is no doubt in my mind that Lee is the expert in this field so much so that I am so looking forward to working with him over the next 12 months and beyond."

– David Rowley, Business Development Manager, Intelligent Money

"I've used 3 or 4 so called online marketing experts in the past and found that the results have been very disappointing. However... since working with Lee and his team I have been amazed at what can actually be achieved if you know what you're doing. Lee has brought our strategy back to life, and we're already reaching the difficult goals we asked the team to achieve. Both myself and my business have massively benefited from Lee's consultations. I'm very happy that I don't need to keep wasting my time and money on so called experts that promise the world but fall drastically short of what is expected. Lee is a proven expert that not only delivers but far exceeds my expectations."

– Danny Burgess, Managing Director, Discount Letting

"Lee is simply brilliant. I first heard him as a speaker in late-2010 and it was clear he knew his stuff. I hired Lee a few months later to do some consultancy work and it was worth every penny. He had dozens of ideas and action points and helped us implement them thoroughly. It is very likely that I will be engaging Lee's services again in the future."

– Mark Wickersham, Director, AVN

"What I love about Lee is his sensible, down to earth approach on how to generate results online. He has the ability to look at a business and know exactly what it needs to achieve the desired objective! If you want online results...Lee is your man!"

– Leigh Aston, Owner, The Sales Consultancy

"Its been like breath of fresh air working with Lee. Trust him to deliver results, and trust him to keep to his word. In a word - BRILLIANT."

– Steve Lewis, Director, Cutting Edge Commercial Finance

"Lee Gilbert is a very knowledgeable authority on digital marketing, but more importantly, he delivers real tangible results. Having presented his web marketing strategies and methods to both our internal team and our franchise network, he's able to stand up and articulate his activities and ideas in a very simple language, which makes the complex easy for people to understand. Lee came highly recommended to us and he's certainly lived up to that recommendation, and continues to do so. If you're looking for a master of digital marketing then Lee Gilbert is that person! His depth of knowledge, research, and understanding of the digital marketing environment is superb. I also enjoy his down-to-earth grasp of getting to the real need which means he's able to advise you on the most effective pathway to get you to your ideal outcome."

– Carl Jarvis, Marketing Director

"WOW! Have just had a 1 day session with Lee and have gleaned so many useful insights from our time together - got some really practical, quick-fix ideas and tips to enhance our email marketing activity, improve our social media strategy, accelerate our SEO stuff and a whole load of straight-talking, no-nonsense, sound advice from a thoroughly nice guy, who's a real expert in his field. Thanks Lee - will most certainly recommend you and will have no hesitation in knocking on your door again!"

– Marie Cross, Director, First Impression Training Ltd.

"When building a successful business my philosophy is to surround yourself with better people than yourself. Then I met Lee and started to surround myself with the BEST people. His nous, business savvy and expertise is second to none. His no BS approach cuts through the noise and gets the results time and time again."

– Scott Hodson, Owner, Optimum Fitness Software

"It's not very often you find someone who stands out from the crowd - but you will when working with Lee. He’s an exception to the norm. People who know me personally know that I don't write testimonials - but with Lee I wanted to as he has made such a difference to the way I am growing my business. If you want your business to grow exponentially - work with Lee; I cannot recommend him highly enough as being the person I trust, respect and believe in."

– Gary Jennings, International Sales & Marketing Director