More Ways to Sell on Social Media

Social Media

The social selling landscape has changed. Instead of setting up a profile on a social network and hoping to get noticed by, you must take a more active role in putting your products and services in front of your customers. Here are six of the best ways to sell on social media using the most popular platforms and boost your conversions.

1. Facebook’s Marketplace

Last October, Facebook unveiled Marketplace, its new Craigslist-style shopping experience. This was designed after Facebook noticed many people were using the platform to buy and sell items. The purpose of the Marketplace is to keep transactions local.

Facebook users can log in to find items for sale in their immediate area andcan see what you have for sale. In essence, if you want to boost sales in your immediate geographic area, posting on the Facebook Marketplace can help.

2. Kajabi

This one is specifically for service providers – it helps you “productize” your offerings. Although you can advertise your services on social media, this service helps you to tap into the people who are plugged in online and sell to them — creating digital products.

Kajabi has made it possible to turn content and ideas into a sellable product. There are several types of digital products you can create and sell via Kajabi’s platform such as online courses, membership sites, live-event replays, and online coaching groups.  They integrate with other marketing channels such as Facebook, so you

Once your product is created, you can interact with your customers directly on the Kajabi website which provides a refreshing break from the traditionally distracting social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

3. Instagram’s “Shop Now” button

Instagram’s key feature is the visual aspect- it’s easier to sell when people can visualize your product in use and convert to a sale.  With Instagram’s “Shop Now” button, they can. If you sell a physical product and want to get people who like your pictures buying your items, it’s worthwhile to add the Shop Now functionality to your posts.

When you click that button, you’re taken to the website to buy and currently Instagram are trialling an improved “Shop Now “ experience that enables buyers will be able to see the more product details. It seems like this is just the beginning for this platform – indeed, Instagram recently hired a team of e-commerce experts to continue building out shopping capabilities in the app.

4. Buyable Pins

Pinterest is another highly visual platform and again good for selling physical products. Last year, Pinterest introduced Buyable Pin, a pin that consumers can click on to go directly to a website and purchase the products. In the past, they’d have to hunt them down based on the pin, leading to lost sales. But the development of Buyable pins is slow and currently are only available to certain retailers on certain e-commerce stores such as Shopify.

5. Chirpify

No matter what you sell, engaging your followers is a foolproof to sell more on social media. Chirpify helps increase engagement through social media loyalty programs.

Chirpify gives your followers a reason to post about and engage with your brand. By rewarding followers for talking about your brand, you make it easier to spark conversation on social media about what you offer. By encouraging someone to post on social media with your brand’s hashtag, you can instantly send them a voucher or points in exchange for their efforts. Chirpify also offers built-in analytics so you can see what’s working and what isn’t.

6. Rendrfx

Video is powerful on social media. It gets your audience to stop scrolling and start engaging. With Rendrfx, you can create attractive motion graphics videos to share on social media. They offer plug-and-play graphics to make your videos come to life and promote your brand.

January 18, 2018