Lee Gilbert

Lee Gilbert is a digital marketing strategist, published author and speaker with over 18 years of web marketing experience; bringing extensive knowledge from his own web businesses which sets him aside from other so–called “experts”.

He is known as “The Serious Players’ Webmaster” because of his depth of knowledge, contacts and customers.

Digital Marketing Blog

17th Sep

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Facebook for Business

Facebook continues to be one of the best social networks to set up camp as...Read More

11th Sep

Planning and Creating the Perfect Landing Page

Landing pages can make or break your digital marketing. Too many marketers put all their...Read More

4th Sep

Using Social Listening For Content Marketing

Social media marketing is poised for another huge year of growth. Magna...Read More

30th Aug

Why Relationships Are Key In Digital Marketing

The client relationships you build in your business should play a key role with your...Read More

23rd Aug

The Importance Growing An Email List With Engaged Subscribers

Back in the day, the key role for marketers was to grow large lists –...Read More

14th Aug

Optimising Your Website for Audio Search

The voice-search enabled digital assistants of the world such as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and...Read More

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