Lee Gilbert

Lee Gilbert is a digital marketing strategist, published author and speaker with over 18 years of web marketing experience; bringing extensive knowledge from his own web businesses which sets him aside from other so–called “experts”.

He runs his own Digital Marketing Agency, providing services to businesses including Search Engine Optimisation, PPC Management and overall digital marketing campaign management.

Digital Marketing Blog

21st Nov

Best Google Chrome Plugins for Digital Marketing

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers around – the latest...Read More

17th Nov

Does Your Blog Generate Good Traffic?

The thing about blogging is that it is incredibly effective or incredibly not depending on...Read More

13th Nov

Google Ads PPC Advertising Walkthrough

PPC Advertising is one of the most profoundly misunderstood aspects of online advertising. Millions of...Read More

10th Nov

SEO Keyword Research

Whatever you may have thought of niche research, you absolutely cannot skip keyword research. This...Read More

7th Nov

GDPR – Did All The Fuss Screw Your Business?

Those GDPR emails you got... all for nothing! Or the GDPR emails you sent to get...Read More

6th Nov

The Importance of SEO Brand Familiarity

Many factors come into play when trying to gain a user’s attention on search engine...Read More

29th Oct

How to Build Diverse and Healthy SEO Links

Whilst Google still penalises us for what it sees as ‘artificial link building’, the ranking...Read More

22nd Oct

Digital Marketing For B2B Manufacturers

Most manufacturing companies believe there is room for improvement in their B2B marketing activities. The UK...Read More

11th Oct

What The Rise of Virtual Reality Means For Digital Marketers

Due to the constantly changing digital landscape, advertisers have had to get more and more...Read More

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